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Zest 24-25.10.2019
LUO Jingyuan (Canton 1996) graduated in 2018 from the Wall Painting Department of the Sichuan Fine Arts Institute in China. She is now based in Berlin, where she studies German and applies to enter the Academy of Fine Arts. She is currently exploring the relationship between individuals and society, privacy and the public through some pre-owned photos.

Zest 30-31.08.2019
Paola Mongelli (Turin 1972). Photographer and visual artist, she graduates at the Albertina School of fine arts of Turin in the 90’s, specializing in black and white printing techniques. Her research focuses on human condition, often evoking correlations among human being, nature and its elements; a dimension in which the exploration of the self and the observation of the world end to overlie. In her recent works she explores the world of color, and the relationship between body, movement and space, expressing herself also through drawing and performance language. From 2008 she organizes numerous seminar and academic classes about photography and education of vision, pursuing a dialogue with artists, writers, cultural and social contests. Her works are included in many private collections and foundations. 

Zest 04.06.2019 - 20.06.2019 
Zest 23.12 2018 - 03.01.2019
Sakiko Sugawa (Kyoto 1978), is one of the founding members of Social Kitchen, Accompany Collective, and Center for Reproductive Labor. Through her research on reproductive labor, Sakiko has befriended with migrant domestic workers in the US and the Netherlands who have taught her brutal impact of neoliberalism both at personal and global levels, importance of reclaiming materialist, internationalist feminism, power of reproductive labor, and radical solidarity based on friendships. Sakiko was a fellow at St Paul St Gallery (Auckland, 2014) and Queens Museum (New York, 2015-2016). She is currently working on a publishing project on reproductive labor.

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