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1. Keen relish; hearty enjoyment; gusto
2. An agreeable or piquant flavor imparted to something
3. Anything added to impart flavor, enhance one's appreciation
4. Piquancy; interest; charm
5. Liveliness or energy; animating spirit
6. The skin, especially the thin outer skin

Situated at the foot of the mountain in Piemonte, Italy, Zest, a residency program, was created in collaboration with torinoPERFORMANCEART in 2018.
Present bodies converge at this laboratory for sharing and cultivating ideas as well as skills.

december 2018 - january 2019
Sakiko Sugawa (inaugural resident).

Together with people who work in the sphere of reproductive labor, Sakiko Sugawa has been trying to explore the ways to reconfigure the value of reproductive labor. For the Zest residency, Sakiko gave a presentation, sharing her research findings on this complex labor with the public.
Sakiko Sugawa is one of the founding members of Social Kitchen, Accompany Collective, and Center for Reproductive Labor. Through her research on reproductive labor, Sakiko has befriended with migrant domestic workers in the US and the Netherlands who have taught her brutal impact of neoliberalism both at personal and global levels, importance of reclaiming materialist, internationalist feminism, power of reproductive labor, and radical solidarity based on friendships. Sakiko was a fellow at St Paul St Gallery (Auckland, 2014) and Queens Museum (New York, 2015-2016). She is currently working on a publishing project on reproductive labor.
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